Hi, How Are You Being?

We live on a society that emphasizes too much on our achievements, and too little on our psycho-spiritual state.  It focuses too much on action, and too little on our true essence. Everything seems to revolve around what you did in the past, and what you are capable of doing in the present and in the future. As children we are rewarded if we bring home A-grades, if we make the sports team and if we excel above the rest in any kind of field.

There would be nothing wrong with that, would our society place just as much merit on how much inner peace we enjoy and are able to cultivate and spread, on our ability to discern between the necessary and the superfluous, or on the capacity to develop empathy towards our fellow human beings.

 Think about all the common phrases we use to greet a friend, or to address someone we are meeting for the first time: “How are you doing?”, “What are you doing tomorrow?”; “How do you do?”, “What do you do for a living?”

Does no one care about anything else about me other than what I can do? I would find it refreshing, if the next time I met a friend or a new person they would turn their genuine attention to me and say something like: “Hi, how are you being?”, “Let’s meet tomorrow and be together “; “Who are you truly?” or “How do you live your life?”